The lab-created diamond jewelry will be sustainably and ethically produced.

*Originally published on May 7, 2021:

Pandora Jewelry is making a move to cut out traditional diamonds and replace them with ones created in a lab. The Copenhagen-based company is making the switch in order to make diamonds more accessible and sell a product that is more sustainable and free from human rights issues. Lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds but cost about 40% less.

The Pandora Brilliance collection will be introduced in the U.K. first and should be available in the U.S. by 2022.

The new Brilliance collection will include rings, earrings, necklaces, and bangles that are available in sterling silver, 14K gold, and 14K white gold. Stone sizes will range from 0.15 to 1 carat.

Lab-created diamonds are produced in a lab via a process called CVD. A piece of a lab-grown diamond is placed in a vacuum chamber that is then heated to 800 degrees Celsius. Carbon-rich gases like methane and hydrogen are pumped in and are ionized into plasma with a laser. This ionization creates pure carbon that adheres to the piece of diamond, creating a larger one. The raw product is cut, polished, and graded like a mined diamond—based on the four C’s, cut color, clarity, and carat. 

Other jewelry companies have introduced lab-created diamonds, but Pandora is the first to eliminate mined diamonds. Pandora’s diamonds are grown in a lab that uses 60% renewable energy with a goal to reach 100% by next year.

Pandora is most famous for its charm bracelets and collection of charms that feature everything from birthstones to Disney characters. The brand also sells affordable necklaces, earrings, and rings made with cubic zirconia.

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