Too tired to take your clothes out of the laundry? Bored with your usual five sets of pajama pants? Daring to attempt a new fashion style? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then maybe you're ready to try the pillow challenge. Take a large pillow and tie it around your waist using a belt and—Surprise! It makes you look like you're wearing a mini dress!

pillow dress

Courtesy of the U.S. Sun

This event has taken over Instagram, where thousands of users are showing off their best pose with their bedroom decor, all in the name (or hashtag) of #pillowchallenge. There have been over 130,000 posts, even from celebrities like Halle Berry.

pillow dress

Courtesy of Women's Health Magazine

It has become apparent during this global pandemic that people in quarantine are seeking new outlets to entertain themselves. I mean, after failing in your own Chopped kitchen and binge-watching The Office for the 12th time, what else are you supposed to do? I guess the next best thing is to tie your pillow around your body. Most Instagram users have favored using a white sham tightened with a black cinch because—for real—you do look like you're ready to hit the bars!

It's like a social media influencer's heaven ... 



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Will you partake in the pillow challenge? What do you think of it? Share in the comments!