Who are we kidding? It's time to repurpose your wedding ring from your first marriage. 

Repurposing your wedding ring from your first marriage may be a wise move on your part. There are approximately 876,000 divorces a year in America, which adds up to a lot of old wedding rings. So, who are we kidding? Looking at that piece of jewelry can be downright sentimental; possibly invoking tears of pain or joy depending on the kind of first marriage you exited from. But what can you do with that old sentimental piece? Be it an old wedding ring (marriage) that you want to forget about, or an update to your current wedding ring, or a restyle of your great grandma's vintage brooch that you inherited, let's talk about repurposing old jewelry: 

Update the style

We all know that one piece that's buried at the bottom of the jewelry box: chain tangled, silver tarnished, with a precious stone placed in a setting that makes us feel like we're 10 years old again (around the time we received it). Undeniably, that stone is a beauty but it gets no mileage wear on it because, well, it's just an outdated piece that makes us feel and look like we're a kid again (not in a good way).

Or you've held on to your mega 1-carat diamond engagement ring perched on a '90s gold wavy band with the matching gold wavy wedding band that your young groom lovingly picked out for you, but, hey, that was 20 years ago and it definitely feels dated now.

Save the earth—it's all about sustainability

Jewelers and buyers from days long past did know a thing or two about quality materials and uniquely cut precious stones. Why recreate the wheel, or better yet, why encourage an industry of "blood diamonds" and factory-produced stones when you've got some real beauties already on hand? With just a little creative thought and consultation, you can create a classic piece and save the earth by upcycling something old.  

Keep the sentimentality—lose the bad juju

Back to the wedding ring from your first marriage. Reclaim the power to recapture joy and giddiness when you wear it again. Perhaps it's completely rethinking not only the setting but the actual piece your engagement diamond (stone) adorns. Think: everyday necklace pendant, bad ass cuff bracelet, or boss earrings. Your life has been transformed since the divorce, why shouldn't your jewelry reflect the once ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful boss swan? 

Therapize your soul—it's quite cathartic

Any type of creative process where you spend time vision casting can be quite cathartic and healing. Touching the actual piece invites memories of that season or the person who previously owned it. The history of that piece weaves you into the legacy of its timelessness. Inevitably, you'll feel endeared and connected to whatever the final product is because you put in the work.

Are you convinced that repurposing your old jewelry is for you? One more thing before you jump in, you'll want to consult with a jeweler and have them make sure that your stones are strong enough to be reset. You can check out the Moh's Hardness Scale to help determine this. 

It's 2021, so it's due time to start repurposing some of those "vintage" pieces that you'll end up falling in love with a second time around. And may the same be said for love and marriage. 

Are you an upcycler? Tell us in the comments what pieces you've repurposed.