Super-cute diapers that are affordable, hypoallergenic, and effective? Sign me up!

As a mom to an almost-2-year-old, I have tried many, many diaper brands. I'm constantly on the hunt for a good deal, a good fit, and a diaper that can actually hold in a massive blowout (fellow parents, you know what I'm talking about!). Fortunately, Hello Bello has met all my requirements. The fact that they come in adorable designs and are eco-friendly is just an added bonus.

This unique line of diapers created by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard (one of my favorite celebrity couples), was started "because they believe all babies deserve the best, which means all parents need access to affordable, premium products. Hello Bello fulfills that dream. We carefully craft all of our products with babies, parents, and the planet in mind."

They're able to keep their prices low because they've partnered exclusively with Walmart. Their Jumbo Pack of diapers with 18-35 diapers (depending on size) costs $7.97, or you can get a four-pack of diapers for $29.97. Their diaper boxes with 54-92 diapers (depending on size) cost only $23.94. For comparison, a Pampers box at Target costs $24.99, and you actually get fewer diapers! My son is currently in a size 5, so a Hello Bello box contains 66 diapers while a Pampers box (Swaddlers or Cruisers) in the same size only contains 58. 

hello bello products

Courtesy of Facebook

When you compare Hello Bello with other eco-friendly and hypoallergenic brands such as The Honest Company, the savings are much, much greater. A size 5 box of Honest diapers is $36.49 at Target (50-count), and to be honest (no pun intended), they're not as soft. Hello Bello diapers are incredibly soft, compared to the majority of diaper brands, yet they still do a good job of containing your little ones' bodily fluids. 

Of course, with every great product, there are usually downsides. Personally, I find them to be pretty small. I also find Honest diapers to be small as well, so maybe it's eco-friendly brands in general. My son has been in his current size for a while and could size up in Hello Bello at the moment. After a rough week of overnight incidents, we did decide to switch him back to Pampers (which are cut bigger) for bedtime.

Also, Hello Bello is currently only sold at Walmart or on their website, where you're required to do a bundle. I'm not really a fan of bundling (it saves you money, but you're required to get wipes), so I prefer to buy at Walmart. If you don't live near a Walmart or it's not in your weekly rotation of errand running, you can shop online (without bundling). Just be sure to spend at least $35 in order to get free shipping. 

hello bello beach bum print

Courtesy of Hello Bello

My only other complaint is that I love to buy diapers in bulk. It seems we're constantly running out which is frustrating. My hope is that Hello Bello will catch on to this concern, and create a box that is similar to Pamper's "Enormous Pack." 

Those concerns aside, I love Hello Bello. My son is obsessed with cars at the moment so their "Engine Revvers" print was a must, as well as their "Hear Our Roars" with dinosaurs and "Beach Bums" with sharks and surfboards for the summer. I even tried their shampoo and body wash, which I also like, and I'm excited to try their other products as well. 

If you're still not convinced to give them a try, I'll leave you with their mission statement found on their website, "At hello bello, we have one simple goal: to eliminate the choice many parents have to make—deciding between what’s best for their kids and best for their budget. We believe in premium for all because every baby deserves the best."

Have you tried Hello Bello diapers yet? If not, what's your favorite brand? Let us know in the comments!