A bib that actually prevents food from getting all over your child! Say, what??

My son has pretty much always been a messy eater. We've tried countless bibs, but I was always left frustrated by the end of the meal. While most bibs cover the front of the child, they don't take into account their sleeves. Enter Ikea!

I'll be honest, I'm pretty obsessed with the Swedish furniture store that seems to have every odd item you need at an insanely low price. I considered purchasing a bib with sleeves off Amazon, specifically the Bumkins Sleeved Bib, but at $10-$14 (depending on print), I didn't really want to take a chance that it might not work. Fortunately, one day while I was browsing Ikea, I stumbled upon their KLADDIG Bib

IKEA Kladdig Bib

Courtesy of Ikea's website 

This adorable bib only costs $6.99! The age range says 0–18 months, but my 2-year-old still fits into it fine. It's 100 percent polyester, machine-washable, and easy to just rinse off between washings. It also has a simple velcro closure around the neck, so you don't have to spend time securing it while your hangry toddler wants to chow down.

back of bib

Courtesy of Ikea's website

Added bonuses are the elastic sleeves, and front pocket, which catches the inevitable crumbs. 

We have the pattern that's pictured, but I've been told by a friend that bought hers a few years ago, they do change the pattern or color every so often. If your child doesn't wear a bib to eat anymore, it can also be used as a smock for painting fun!

Have you tried a long-sleeve bib for your toddler? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments!