Fall outfits are some of my favorite ensembles to put together, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to layer pieces. 

Jackets are a vital part of fall fashion! But with so many different kinds out there, how do you know which ones are going to be your ultimate go-to's for the fall season? I’ve narrowed it down to five I believe to be the most versatile, practical, and stylish. Here are my five favorite fall jackets and a little on how to style each one.

Leather Jacket

This is probably my favorite kind of jacket, and I will literally wear it with absolutely everything in the fall. For those that don’t like real leather, there are plenty of fake and vegan leather products out there to choose from. If you’re like me, though, and don’t mind wearing a little leather, I recommend spending more and investing in a piece you’ll wear forever. If you pick the right one, the leather should feel buttery soft and not so stiff.

My favorite way to style a leather jacket is either with jeans or a floral dress (that’s such a cool contrasting combination), but you can really get creative with them and wear them both for casual and formal occasions. 

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Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of those jackets that’s normally reserved for spring, summer, and maybe early fall, but it's something you can milk it all the way until December. While sometimes one of those heavier, more traditional jackets can just be too hot, a denim one can serve as the perfect layer. 

You can style denim jackets over a thin long-sleeved top and even with jeans for a little denim-on-denim look. One of the coolest ways to style a denim jacket in autumn is to layer it over a sweater tucked into a skirt with tights. Just make sure the jacket is oversized enough to fit. 

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So, I know a vest isn’t really a jacket, but it's such a great layering piece for the fall season that I wanted to include it on the list. You can go with just a light duster over something long-sleeved, or try a full fur vest that you can use as basically a coat. I say, pick your vests in neutral colors so you can style them with a wider array of your wardrobe. A vest can really act as the piece that pulls everything together in an outfit if you do it right. 

I think vests look great with jeans and boots, as well as a little black dress. 

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Plaid Jacket

This is a trendy one, so if you’re not into plaid, it may not be the right one for you. But if you are (and it’s pretty universally flattering, so why wouldn’t you be?), this is a great jacket choice for fall. Pick one in either a longer length or something that resembles the fit of a blazer. If you’re going the longer route, make sure it’s lightweight so you don’t sweat in it. 

I love a plaid jacket over more professional wear like tailored trousers and a button-down shirt.

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Anorak Jacket

What even is an anorak jacket? you ask. Well, it’s kind of like a raincoat, but a lot more stylish and better fitted. I prefer ones that are that forest green color, which you wouldn’t think would be a neutral, but it actually works with many different things and features a hood. 

This is a great casual jacket that you can wear anywhere—from hiking with some stylish athleisure pieces to running errands on the weekend.

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Are you excited about all your fall outfits? Share your favorite jacket with us in the comments below!