Actually, we really just have one pressing question: whyyyyyy?

This is not ever something I thought I'd write about, but well, here we are. If you're in the market for a Halloween costume, we beg of you, get any other costume besides this one. We've recently found out that there's a "sexy Bernie Sanders" costume made available for Halloween this year, and we wish we were joking. Unfortunately for everyone, it's a very real thing.

Dolls Kill, an online fashion retailer, is the mastermind behind the costume—and man, all we want to know is, whyyyy?


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The costume is based on the meme'd image of Bernie from Inauguration Day (you know the one!). Dubbed the "Once Again Asking" set, it retails for $85 and includes a Polyester-blend grey coat, mittens, and a face mask (folding chair not included).

Honestly, if you're gonna down this route—or at least a non-sexy version—for your Halloween costume, you might as well save some money, right? 'Cause $85 for items you can easily find on Amazon is not worth it, if you ask me, especially if you already have half these items at home!

DIY Bernie Sanders Costume:

If you want a pair of the infamous mittens, you can always buy some from the teacher who made them specifically for Bernie. You can also buy a bobblehead, sweatshirt, and even a Christmas ornament of the Bernie meme.

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