We can do this: #trustthechills!

Sometimes the world's problems feel so vast that it becomes paralyzing. Who can even begin to make a dent in worldwide poverty and the enslavement of women, children, and families around the world? A woman can, that's who. In fact, three women have: Angela Melfi, Kara Valentine, and Lindsay Murphy are cofounders of Threads Worldwide, a fair trade partner with artisan women jewelers. They provide dignified jobs to gifted artisans worldwide and market value pay for their handmade quality products. 

The OCN Street Team sat down (and danced the running man) with Kara and Angela, or as we like to call them, Thelma and Louise. These entrepreneurs turned their adventurous spirits, Tufts college degrees, and badass boss selves into a flourishing women-owned and operated business to empower all women in a little something Valentine coins as "elevated ecosystem:" 

"I feel like we think of the world's problems and they feel impossible a lot of times, but to see transformation when women are empowered and have income - [I] can't even tell you the difference in these women."

Not only does this feel good, but empowering women by entering the workforce is great for the economy: "Women reinvest 90% of their income back into their communities and their families" which then goes back into children's education and improvement of homes; raising the next generation of empowered young girls to make an even more significant dent in worldwide poverty. 

Since 2011, this company has been helping to culture shift the role of girls and women in eight countries which include: Uganda, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Shop their vast collection of handcrafted jewelry and handbags here. And not only are they transforming women around the world, but they're also empowering women in the United States to become "socialpreneurs" who craft their own business and personal style around selling these beautiful goods. 

Threads Worldwide is more than a company, it's a mission. This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, when you make a purchase, 10 percent of the sale will go to fund the Young Survival Coalition. Order here

We are a collection of souls who can make a difference in the world, one artisan and one (or maybe a few) jewelry piece(s) at a time.

Who will you honor this month for Breast Cancer Awareness? Share in the comments.