Vera Bradley has captured the spirit of the mandrakes quite well.

Magical creatures, potent potions, and perfect patterns: Vera Bradley has captured the spirit of Harry Potter in a new Herbology class-inspired design. Vera Bradley’s Harry Potter-inspired design is based on the second book and movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Professor Pomona Sprout tells her second-year Herbology students all about the mandrakes they’ll be repotting by saying, “Its roots are used in a restorative potion to revive those who’ve been petrified. But there’s one catch. Their screams can be fatal.” A young mandrake will only knock a person out for a few hours, which is why Herbology students need to wear their earmuffs. We think Vera Bradley has captured the spirit of the mandrakes quite well.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley (Facebook)

The traditional quilted pattern is made of recycled cotton and features a light gray background with a pretty botanical pattern of pink and mauve flowers accented with the mischievous mandrakes, Herbology books, feathery flourishes, devils snare, and other magical plants and flowers.

Products in the Vera Bradley X Harry Potter collection include a campus backpack, a triple zip hipster, a sling backpack, the Vera tote bag, a weekender travel bag, and a Riley compact wallet. There’s also a hooded fleece robe, jogger pajama pants, and a double wall tumbler. The backpack even has a wand pocket.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley (Facebook)

There’s also a ReActive fabric in the collection, which is lightweight, durable, waterproof, and made from recycled plastic bottles. It features images of iconic characters such as mandrakes, mushrooms, earmuffs, and botanical elements like nettles and wolfsbane flowers.

Prices for the Vera Bradley X Harry Potter collection range from $20 to $140. You can shop the full collection at

Vera Bradley and Warner Bros. Consumer Products first collaborated on a Harry Potter pattern less than a year ago. It included the dark blue pattern eyeglasses, lightning bolts, Hedwig the owl, the Hogwarts crest, and the Winged Keys from the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley (Facebook)


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