Business on the top, party on the bottom? This seems to be the M.O. now that people are working from home and having video conference calls.

I'm going to share an honest (albeit frivolous) fear I have during this time of coronavirus, besides the virus itself: I'm afraid that people I'm having Zoom and online meetings are truly not wearing pants. Nothing. Nada in the bottom half department. And we are all just one coffee spill away in the lap from getting a picture of some "business" we don't need to discuss.

It appears my fears may not be totally unfounded. Major retailers are seeing increases in sales of tops, but not bottoms, and it's because no one cares what is on their bottom half while we are all working from home. And to be totally fair, I'm one of those people, currently wearing a work-appropriate top paired with some uber-comfy yoga pants for my day of online meetings.

Business on the top, casual comfort on the bottom seems to be the way to go in the United States. You could call it the clothes version of a mullet.

"We're seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms," Dan Bartlett, Walmart's executive vice president of corporate affairs, told Yahoo Finance. "So, people who are concerned, obviously, from the waist up. These behaviors are going to continue to change and evolve as people get accustomed to this new lifestyle, if you will."

What will be interesting is if this will change the business wardrobe world going forward? Do you think we'll make a move to more casual office attire (I'll admit, I have several pairs of trouser-style yoga pants that I do wear the office, so if I get any more casual, I'll just be wearing pajamas), or do you think we'll see a more stylish, formal style emerge? Or maybe this is just a blip in the fashion radar?

Let us know your thoughts! And let's do each other a giant favor ... no one really cares what you are wearing down there, but for the love of everything holy, just wear something!