Experiencing boredom while you're self-isolating and want to do something other than stare at your phone? Check out these five activities you can do to de-stress!

First off, kudos to everyone out there being smart and staying in during this pandemic—especially the Gen Z'ers who weren't partaking in spring break on Florida's beaches. Rather than listen to what's circulating around the internet or choosing negligence in favor of "yolo, I'm invincible," you're securing the safety and health of other people instead.

So good job!

I give mad props to all the grocery and retail employees, bankers, healthcare workers, and others putting their own health out there for the good of everyone else. You're the real heroes now.

For those who've been practicing social distancing and self-isolation, I hope you're not glued to your phones or on social media and losing your minds about #covidiots or how this situation is only escalating (granted ... that sums me up pretty much). Whether you're getting bored, can't stop scrolling your newsfeed for every post containing coronavirus, or engaging in that endless loop of this-is-bad-it's-getting-worse, then check out these activities you can do that may help to ease your stress!

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