Some unique offerings include Circus Camp, Jedi Knight Training, and Harry Potter Engineering.

As the school year draws to a close, most parents are faced with the dilemma of how to get those kids off the couch, unplugged from their phones and devices, and out enjoying the summer. Sports camps are always in high-demand and the Denver area offers plenty, as there are day camps and full-day summer childcare.

But, for some kids, sports camps just aren't their thing – and that's okay! There are many rather unknown places and programs to find summer fun and engagement outside of the screen.

One such place is the Beck Recreation Center in Aurora, Colorado. The Beck Center offers many unexpected summer opportunities for kids and teens:

  • Olympic Sabre Fencing Camp
  • Jedi Knight Training Camp
  • Combination Jedi/Fencing Training Camp, Babysitting Camp
  • Babysitting Workshop with Red Cross Super Sitter card
  • Youth Voyager camp complete with field trips
  • Cooking challenges such as Teen Mystery Basket Challenge
  • Art camps
  • Stem Camps

To see complete options and register, visit the City of Aurora Summer Recreation Guide.

Have a child who is aged five to 15 and loves art? The School of the Poetic City offers summer camps that promote ideation through contemporary art, exploration, and different artistic practices.

  • Urban Art Camp – exploration in Denver art museums, galleries, and cityscapes, as well as puppet making, culture, and more.
  • Animation Lab – two sessions, beginner and advanced. Cartoon making through stop-action animation, rotoscope, and cel animation.

Parents wanting to get their child out in the sun exploring and experiencing what it is that makes Colorado such a beloved outdoor destination will want to look into Avid4 Adventure. The camp serving Pre-K through 12th grade takes campers up into the mountains, out on lakes and into the outside world, teaching them the outdoor skills they need. Offering day camps, residential camps, and expedition clinics Avid4 Adventure has the ambition to introduce and instill in kids the love and power of the outdoors.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Ever want to run away and join the circus? Your child can experience the excitement of the circus first hand at MOTH (Movement Of The Heart) Contemporary Circus Center. Right down in Denver’s RiNo Arts District, this highly interactive and collaborative program presented by MOTH Poetic Circus offers a supportive and highly creative environment. Classes are offered year-round, with special summer programs offered for ages four through adult.

2019 camps are open for enrollment with six options to choose from this year:

  • Circus Camp, June 3-14 – Ages six to nine; a two-week camp that introduces these youngsters to everything circus. Clowning, acting, face painting, crafts, games, juggling, introduction to the trampoline, trapeze, tightwire, Chinese pole, and many more circus skills.
  • Circus Camp, June 17-28 – Ages nine to 13; a two-week camp experience that offers the introductory circus experience to an older group of students. Campers will take part in a hands-on experience familiarizing them with the circus.
  • Try Me Mini Circus!, July 1-3 –  Ages four to six; half-day sessions that allow them to experience the circus and touches on basic skills, games, and crafts.
  • Fun Adaptive Circus-Adams Camp, July 8-12 – Partnering with Adam’s Camp this session is designed specifically for children and youth who have special needs. Adaptive skills, games, and more make up this week-long camp.
  • All Levels Performance Camp, July 15-26 – A two-week introductory camp that takes participants through the process of putting on a circus show. Complete with a performance at the end, this option welcomes all levels and incorporates basic circus skills with acting, costuming, and choreography.
  • Advanced Camp With Showcase, July 29-August 9 – By audition only, this advanced option takes the experienced student and works with them to create an individual showcase/performance at the end of the session.

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Photo courtesy of Parker Arts Education Facebook page

Parker Arts Education is a treasure trove of summer activity options for youngsters, youth, and teenagers. Located in Parker, Colorado, the offerings are extensive: art, cooking, music and dance, theater, multimedia, robotics, and science camps are held all summer long at very reasonable prices. There's also Harry Potter Engineering, Science Rocks, Makeup and Stage Combat, Kids Cooking, Robo Quest, and much more. There's bound to be something for just about any kid, and registration is already open!

Taking a step outside of the norm, these camps offer kids a way to explore, engage, and experiment in creativity. School is out for summer in just a few short weeks and these programs will fill up soon, so while this is by no means an inclusive list, it is a start for any parents out there to think and look at options.

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