Not sure what to get your favorite shooter? We can help.

It can be hard to buy for firearm enthusiasts with all the accessories, different calibers, and necessary background checks, which is why we've put together a list of items that any shooter can appreciate opening up on Christmas morning:

christmas gifts for gun lovers

1. Training Courses - Many shooting ranges provide a variety of different rifle, shotgun, and pistol classes to help shooters enhance their skills as well as learn new techniques to improve aim and situational awareness.

2. Full-Auto Firearm Rentals - The gift that'll put a smile on any shooter's face. Let them spend a little time with a fully-automatic weapon and they'll think you hung the moon.

3. Gun Cleaning Patches and Solvents - Any shooter will tell you the importance of keeping a gun clean and depending on how often they visit the range, they likely often run low on cleaning supplies. Save them a trip to the sporting goods store and keep their cleaning kit stocked for 2019.

4. Ammo - No shooter will ever complain about receiving a few boxes of their favorite ammo. Just keep in mind that due to the weight, you may want to put it under the tree instead of in the stocking.

christmas gifts for gun lovers

5. Liquid Ammo, a.k.a Black Rifle Coffee - If your favorite gun lover is a coffee drinker, they'll look forward to putting these gun-themed grinds in their coffee maker. From Silencer Smooth to Murdered Out, this veteran-owned coffee company aims to please all tastes. Besides, who would ever complain about receiving coffee as a gift anyhow?! christmas gifts for gun lovers

6. Stippled Gun Grips - Take one of their current firearms (with their permission) and have the grip customized with their initials, religious symbol, favorite superhero's emblem, flower, or other design to make the gun truly their own.