The spookiest season is finally upon us, so here are nine top-rated haunted houses to visit in Maryland this year.

As Halloween slowly approaches, several locations around Maryland have set up haunted houses that'll test your limits, scare you to pieces, and most certainly leave you crying on the floor (like the sissy that you are!). Each of these haunted houses has been given great reviews. Do you think you have what it takes to make it through one (or all) of these? 

1. Station 7 Terror Trail | 2380 Davidsonville Road, Gambrills, Maryland 21504 | Now until November 2

This unique haunted house experience caters to everyone in the family, not just the adults and teenagers. It will provide a terrifying and unpredictable walk through the "Terror Trail" that is expected to make you run away screaming. If you want to include your little ones, they offer families the option of wandering through the "Boo Haunt Loop," which features reduced scares. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Arundel Volunteer Fire Department. Tickets are $25 each for the Terror Trail and $8 each for the Boo Haunt Loop.

Haunted Woman

Courtesy of Station 7 Terror Trail

2. Bennett's Curse | 7875A Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, Maryland 21224 | Now until November 2

No other haunted house attraction in the area has ranked as highly and consistently as Bennett's CurseThis is the place to be if you like being scared from the moment you walk in the doors to the moment you leave. The haunted house will feature four different attractions: Underworld Haunted House, Inferno 3D, Ravenbrook Assylum, and Legends of Halloween. Do you have the stomach to handle it? Tickets are $35-$60 each! 

Courtesy of Bennett's Curse

3. Field of Screams | 4501 Olney Laytonsville Rd., Olney, MD 20832 | Now until November 2

The Field of Screams haunted house has five spooky attractions: Haunted Trail, Trail or Terror, Slaughter Factory, Carnival Town Games, and Lizzy Bordon Axe Throwing. Each attraction will take you through a new terrifying world and push you to the limit, combining creepy noises, loud bangs, and professional makeup and actors. Tickets are $10–$25.23 each—Get them here

Courtesy of Field of Screams Maryland

4. Legends of the Fog | 500 Carsins Run Road, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001 | Now until November 2

The Legends of the Fog haunted house has four spooky attractions: Haunted Hayride, Hotel, Maze, and Sinister Circus. You have the option to visit just one of them—or scream your way through all of them if you dare! During the weekend of November 1–2, all four haunted attractions will turn their lights off to give you a pitch-black experience. Tickets are $10-$30 each.

Masked Man

Courtesy of Legends of Fog

5. CornStalker's Trail Of Terror | 11765 St. Linus Drive, Waldorf, Maryland 20602 | Now until November 1

Walk (or run) your way through the CornStalker's two attractions, Trail of Terror and The Asylum (new for 2019), as cast members attempt to make you one of their own. The patients in The Asylum are hungry for attention and want to make new friends. Do you think you can escape their grasp? The haunted attraction was purposefully placed in this location because of the haunting story behind it. Mr. Graves used to run a farm here, and legend says he gruesomely murdered everyone who visited the location. In order to avoid paying the price for his actions, he committed suicide by burning the house down around him. His cries of terror could supposedly be heard from the outside. Tickets are $7-$19 each—Get them here

Courtesy of CornStalker's Trail Of Terror

6. Zombies at the Zoo | 1416 Telegraph Road, Rising Sun, Maryland 21911 | Now until October 21

Fight off a pack of wild zombies amongst the animal exhibits. This haunted zoo experience now features three attractions to enjoy this year: Haunted Woods, Fright Maze, and Zombie Paintball Shoot. When you arrive, you will be headed straight into a zombie apocalypse and be forced to fight off a hungry bunch of zombies! Put your fighting skills to the test and see if you can escape the awful fate. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Plumpton Park Zoo so they can keep their animals warm and fed throughout the winter. Tickets are $12-$35 each—Buy them here

Zombies in Haunted Woods

7. 301 Devil's Playground | 13335 Alexander Rd., Galena, MD 21635 | Every weekend through November 2

301 Devil's Playground combines a number of scary elements to see what you can handle. In one of the three attractions, you will be asked to wear a pair of 3D glasses so you can experience the colorful and evil Devil's Playground through up-close imagery! Likewise, the Barn of Torture and House of Hell will also give you a unique experience through torture, phobias, and jump scares. Friday, November 1, the haunted attractions will be participating in a blackout night. Tickets are $10-$25 each—Buy them here

Courtesy of 301 Devil's Playground

8. The Nevermore Haunt | 450 Mott St., Baltimore, Maryland 21202 | Now until November 3

The Nevermore Haunt is unlike any other because it gains its inspiration from Baltimore's dark past. Here you will experience the ghosts of drowned sailors, tortured factory workers, unlicensed physicians, and more. There will be two haunted attractions: The Nevermore Haunt and Isaac's Maleficent Sideshow. Tickets are $22-$55 each—Buy them here

Haunted Zombie

Courtesy of The Nevermore Haunt

9. Markoff's Haunted Forest | 19120 Martinsburg Road, Dickerson, Maryland 20842 |

Every year, Markoff's Haunted Forest works hard to reinvent its spooky experience so you won't know what to expect! Their actors are professionally dressed and ready to bring the frights. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Calleva and to two hand-picked charities of their choice. Tickets are $25-$50 each—Get them here

Markoff's Haunted Forest

Courtesy of Markoff's Haunted Forest

Which haunted house sounds the best to you? Do you hope to visit more than one? Tell us in the comments!