There are so many amazing culinary events out there, but Chefsfeed Indie Week may just blow them all out of the water. 

Chefsfeed Indie Week is going to be held in Richmond, Virginia, August 23–26, and will feature 24 different chefs and three nights of dinner experiences. Here are all the details. 

WHEN: Thursday, August 23 – Sunday, August 26, 2018 
WHERE: Brenner Pass | 3200 Rockbridge Street, Richmond, VA, 23230
COST: Dinners on Thursday and Friday are $150 per person, and the grand finale dinner on Sunday is $185 per person. This includes the complete meal and wine pairings. You can purchase your preferred tickets here


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DETAILS: So what is Chefsfeed Indie Week, you ask? Well, it’s an opportunity for chefs from all over the country to come together in one place and collaborate on a delicious meal for the community while learning from each other.

There will be three dinners you’ll be able to purchase tickets for, and there will be 24 total chefs participating in the event. The first two on Thursday and Friday will each be hosted by 12 chefs, all from various acclaimed restaurants across the country. You’ll be able to enjoy a course from each presenter (chef), as well as wine pairings throughout the meal. The last dinner will feature the collaboration of all 24 chefs. It is going to be the grand finale of the event. 

Richmond is a great spot to host Chefsfeed Indie Week this year because it has a ...

“a rich culinary heritage and is surrounded by incredible farms and purveyors, plus the James River and Atlantic Ocean to boot! Translation: an almost limitless bounty of local produce, seafood, and meat to create incredible dishes for this once-in-a-lifetime event.”

To learn more about the chefs this year, you can head to the website here

And if you just want more information about the event in general, go here


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