The best thing about Restaurant Week is the sheer number of options you have. For less than the price of takeout, you have nine days to sample some of the best eateries in Baltimore.

Yes, the menus are limited and you need reservations, but with proper planning, you can have a blast during Baltimore Restaurant Week. Huddle up with your foodie friends and scan the list for places you have always wanted to try. The 2019 Baltimore Restaurant Week lineup is pretty great!

How does it work?

Just go to the Baltimore Restaurant Week website and browse the restaurants by menu type, cuisine type, or neighborhood. Once you've zeroed in on a place, make a reservation. Their BRW offerings should be clearly spelled out on the website or their own page, so make sure you want what they're serving for the special prices.

Once you're at the restaurant, you can certainly order from the regular menu, but why not immerse yourself in the whole experience and try the specials?

Courtesy of Le Bistro du Village

How good are these deals?

These prices are FANTASTIC. Considering a combo meal at McDonald's now runs just under $10, these price points are phenomenal. Lunch or brunch will run you $12-20 for two courses, and three-course dinners will range from $20 to $35. The restaurants that participate aren't giving you low-end dishes, either; they're trying to bring in new customers and hope to dazzle you so you'll come back.

Just to give you an idea, I put together this short list of what I would get if I were in town for this:

Lunch at Michael's Steak and Lobster House ($20): I would start with the Cream of Crab Soup and then have the Jumbo Shrimp Creole served over rice. My husband would jump at the French Onion Soup and Prime Rib sandwich on housemade Greek bread, for the same price.

Dinner at Le Bistro Du Village ($35): I would start with the Escargots cooked in garlic butter and parsley, then have the Salmon Filet with Beurre Blanc sauce, spinach, and rice, and then have my FAVORITE French dessert, Mousse au Chocolat.

Are you getting the picture? Why aren't you browsing through the menus yet?

Courtesy of Unsplash

How to make the most of a Restaurant Week experience

First off, go with someone who loves food as much as you do. Restaurants are invariably more crowded during RW, and you may need to be a bit patient. Next, make your reservation at a smart time. Dinner between 7 and 9 p.m. is not a smart time for a weekend reservation. Lunch might give you the best bang for your buck -- You could try two restaurants for the price of one dinner! Last bit of advice, and this is always good to remember: be kind to your server. Restaurant Week is crazy-busy in the industry, and make sure to tip well. You did, after all, just get a great deal on your meal.

For more information on Baltimore Restaurant Week, visit the event website. Act soon -- the best reservations for the most expensive restaurants go like hotcakes!

Do you participate in Baltimore Restaurant Week? What are your favorite places? Let us know in the comments below.

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