D.C.'s beautiful cherry blossoms are coming soon! Here are the best places to see them in full bloom!

Every spring, D.C. transforms into a lush world of cherry blossoms, marking the true beginning of spring. But where exactly can you find these cherry blossoms and what are the most Instagram-worthy spots for grabbing pics? Drum roll, please—Here are the best places you should go to check out the cherry blossoms this year!

The Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin

Courtesy of Getty Images via National Geographic

Location: 1510 Main Avenue SW

Seeing as the area is basically surrounded in these trees, the Tidal Basin is one of those go-to places when you want a peek at the cherry blossoms in full bloom! And once you make it to the city, it's super easy to hop on the Metro or a Metrobus to get within walking distance of the area. 

The National Mall

National Mall

Courtesy of Galavante

Location: National Mall

If you're a museum lover, then you've strolled along the National Mall before. And when the cherry blossoms bloom, this place is sure to dazzle you!

East Potomac Park 

East Potomac Park

Courtesy of Flickr

Location: East Potomac Park

D.C. wouldn't have left out one of their beautiful parks as a place to plant these gorgeous trees, right?! Walk along the Potomac River, inhale the smell of the cherry blossoms, and truly feel at peace in nature.

What's your favorite place to see the D.C. cherry blossoms? Did we miss an obvious place? Let us know below!

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