Mirus will showcase diverse works from local artists from January 11 through February 9.

Between groundbreaking exhibits at Denver museums and the announcement of Meow Wolf Denver, it's been an incredibly artistic year for the Mile High City. The local art scene has thrived as a result, something that Mirus, one of Denver's newest galleries, wants to showcase with its upcoming art show, Locals Only

The show will feature more than 20 local Colorado artists and a huge variety of work, from pop-art illustrations to geometric street art to illusion-based paintings. You'll be able to enjoy the work of the following artists:

Adam Ian Psybe, Alexa Fourier, Andres Acosta, Andrew Huffman, Anna Charney, Camila Galofre, Chris Bohlin, Colton Hindle Collections, Corinne Bee Bop, CT Nelson, Gerard Smithwick, Ian Spencer, RUMTUM, Johnny Draco, Justin Eastman, Kate McGregor, Mario Zoots, Nathaniel Fyffe, Noelle Phares, Ramón Bonilla, Rosston Meyer of Poposition Press, The Crown Collection, Sandra Fettingis, Sarah Neubert, Jolt, Steven Allen, Tod Kapke, and Valerie Savarie.

Mirus, which has an original San Francisco location and opened in Denver in early 2018, plans to highlight local artists in its curation efforts for the coming year. Locals Only, which opens on January 11 and is free to the public, shows the gallery is off to a great start. 

Locals Only is an exhibition to celebrate a variety of work that comes out of Colorado. We are representing artists of all styles, backgrounds, and paths. We have selected approximately twenty-five artists that resonant with this expansive creative culture," the gallery stated in a press release

Instead of concentrating on a common theme, the show will celebrate the individual styles of each artist, with diverse works hanging side by side. Locals Only will juxtapose street art with fine art, showcase artists working in different mediums, and take you through a Colorado-inspired art journey that is expected to be unforgettable. Support local artists and bring your friends to view and chat about the art. Mirus will host the artists' work until February 9. 

Do you plan to check out Locals Only? Let us know in the comments below.

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