Do you like wearing sequins and patent oxfords? Do you do the Charleston like it's your job? Maybe you just enjoy a Prohibition-era cocktail or two? The Dardanella: Great Gatsby Lawn Party is sure to add some swing to your Saturday!

On Saturday, May 27, the lawn at Washington's National Cathedral will become a time warp to 1920s-era D.C. Dardanella is hosting a Great Gatsby Lawn Party! The event is advertised as "a chance to step back to the end of the 1st World War, the Volstead Act (in memoriam), Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage, and the roaring sights and sounds of the 1920s." The event will feature two 11-piece orchestras, dance performances, lessons, and contests by the Fidgety Feet, D.C.'s Premiere Dance Team. There will be period-appropriate lawn games including croquet, bocce, and tug o' war, two large dance floors, photo booths, food and drink, and of course, Prohibition-era cocktail bars. The event is named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, which defined the decade with its depictions of material wealth, excessive alcohol consumption, and fast women with short haircuts. [caption id="attachment_1972" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Great Gatsby Lawn Party We all know Gatsby knows how to party. Do you know how to party?![/caption]
Whether you choose to pay homage to the late, great Boardwalk Empire, or go full out Gatsby-style, costuming is HIGHLY encouraged. This is a ticketed event, but children under 14 get in for free. Check out the Facebook event to stay up to date!

The Great Gatsby Lawn Party is Dardanella's third event in D.C.

Founded in 2016, Dardanella is dedicated to bringing by-gone eras back to life in the form of huge parties! The group started in New York City, but quickly expanded to D.C. The name Dardanella comes from a famous hit song from the 1920s; Dardanella sold more than one million vinyl copies during its golden age, and it quickly became one of the most successful and recognizable pieces of the early 20th century. Give it a listen to get yourself in the mood for Saturday's event: Will you be going to the Great Gatsby Lawn Party? Have you attended any other Dardanella events? Tell us in the comments!

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