NBA analyst Charles Barkley, 58, said he can't have "fun" anymore, after being told not to make fun of San Antonio women.

Charles Barkley has taken issue with a local journalist's critical story of his years-long schtick of fat shaming San Antonio women.

While the former NBA star turned analyst didn't apologize for his past remarks, he said TNT officials told him to stop with the repeated “big ‘ole women” comments on "Inside the NBA."

In an interview Monday with 106.7 The Fan , a sports radio station in the Washington, D.C., area, he blamed a February mySA article for it.

"They're like we got this one lady who wrote an article," Barkley said on the radio show. "I'm like first of all, I didn't call anybody personally fat in San Antonio, I was just joking around and this one lady wrote this article. So y'all are going to let one lady — we've been having fun with this for 10-15 years."

The "one lady" Barkley is referring to is mySA reporter Madalyn Mendoza, who has received backlash on Twitter after Barkley's comments. On Tuesday, Mendoza published an article in response to the the former basketball player's interview.

“Hostile Twitter mentions aren't out of the norm for me, but I was a bit thrown off Tuesday morning when I started receiving tweets from accounts I've never seen before, blaming me as the reason why Barkley is unable to fat shame local women,” she wrote.

The story has been picked up nationally by the likes of Sports Illustrated and TMZ.

During the radio interview, Barkley, 58, said he plans on retiring at 60, in part because “cancel culture” is taking away all the fun.

“We’ve had fun all these years and now all of a sudden in the last year and a half, everybody is trying to get everybody fired and it really sucks,” he said.