Already read enough books during quarantine? Played too much Animal Crossing? Searching for just another hobby to jump into?

Look no further than diamond painting, one of the more unique outlets people in quarantine are engaging in. It's proven to be a fun, creative activity similar to "paint by numbers," and it's all the rage. 

So what do you actually do?

Well, you purchase a set that includes a canvas with a design marked by numbers, colors, and letters, as well as incredibly small gemstones and an applicator pen to place the gems where they belong on the canvas. Easy enough!

The website Zulily, one of multiple vendors selling the diamond painting kits, has seen drastic sales on this product by approximately 90 percent in the last month. Crazy!

"This is a great example of a meditative project," Zulily's brand program manager and trend expert Savannah Scofield told Shop TODAY. "Once you're done, I always really find it fulfilling to hang that artwork on the wall. It brings some texture to your art as well."

diamond painting

Courtesy of MSN

Here are some of the top kits right now:

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