The Charm City Fringe Festival begins November 2 in the Bromo Arts District. Come out and enjoy a taste of the underground arts scene!

Now in its sixth year, The Charm City Fringe Festival has relocated to a more convenient and appropriate location in Baltimore’s Bromo Arts District. The event, which features 26 theatre companies and more than 90 performances, will now allow patrons to walk to each of the festival’s venues. In addition to daytime performances during the week, the festival also features a launch party and after-parties that will highlight the creative output of some of the most talented underground artists nationwide. The festival begins on November 2 and will conclude on November 12, with events taking place daily over two weekends. Fringe Festival attendees are required to purchase a button, which grants access to all the Festival events. "The button" costs just $5, but patrons must also purchase tickets to each show and event they choose to attend. Tickets are not very expensive -- a five-show pass is $42, three-show pass is $27, while single event tickets, including the festival’s launch party, range from $5-$15. The closing party is free to attend. An all-access pass is also available for $98. For artist lineup, schedule, tickets and general information visit Charm City Fringe Festival’s website. The festival's four different venues -- all located within a three-block radius in the Bromo Arts District -- are: the newly opened Le Mondo space at 406 Howard Street; the After Dark Performances and parties; the 14 Karat Cabarat at Maryland Art Place on 218 West Saratoga Street; the storefront building at 322 North Howard Street; and the Downtown Cultural Arts Center at 401 North Howard Street, which will host most of the festival's performances and events.
As for the performances, the Fringe Festival has arranged a lineup of creatives from all over the continent to present their new and experimental work. From a one-man show by NPR’s “All Things Considered” host Emil Guillermo to rock operas, all the way to autistic magician Cody Clark’s “A Different Way of Thinking” performance. Whether you want to catch just one show or a handful, the 26 different companies offer a whole lot to choose from. If you want to watch Shakespeare's “Hamlet,” you won’t find it here. As the name suggests, Fringe Festival is all about art from the fringe of society. Folks will be able to enjoy performances by Philosopher Clowns and interactive rock operas about steam-powered airships traveling through time, or even plays about raccoons disguised as humans trying to steal a gay man’s brown gravy. And no, we're not joking. [gallery ids="5533,5534,5535"] Most of the events are avant-garde theatre performances. The Trajectory Dance Project’s investigation of social boundaries and the screening of short films on November 10-11 are still very artsy, yet not too far out for most folks. The after-the-dark events will feature things such as Slam Poetry, DJ dance competitions, a comedy night, live music and dance parties. Will you be at the Fringe Festival? Let us know in the comments below.
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