If you'd like to only have to remember your anniversary every four years, and you don't want to pay for the wedding ceremony, it's time to head to Hell (Michigan).

This Saturday, February 29, is Leap Day, and 29 couples are going to get the chance to participate in a mass wedding ceremony at 2:29 pm. All of the planning is done for you ahead of time, and afterward, you'll only have an anniversary every four years.

Does this sound like your perfect wedding? Well, you'd better get going to Hell, Michigan, then, because you have to have a marriage license beforehand, and there can be a waiting period. But the upside is that it is free (unless you have to fly there), and it will probably be the most unique wedding of any of your friends or family.

Hell is a small town about 20 miles from the much-better-known Ann Arbor, Michigan. The ceremony will take place at exactly 2:29 (on 2/29, get it?), when all the couples will stand in a circle together and recite their vows and exchange rings. Rev. Yvonne Williams will be officiating the ceremony, and it will likely last about 10 minutes. The couples who will be included in the ceremony must get their marriage license from their county's courthouse (unless they are from out-of-state, in which case they have to go to Livingston Co.) and they must be contacted by Williams with approval. The happy couples can bring guests, but the whole thing will be outside, so there's likely not going to be seating.

Speaking of it being outside—there is no rain date for the event so the ceremony will happen regardless of the weather. Of course, if you're going for a unique wedding experience, getting married outside in the rain might make it even better. The forecast currently doesn't say rain, however, just partly sunny and cold.

All that being said, if it'll be a cold day in Hell before you get married, this certainly fits the bill and there are a few spots open if you hurry!

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