Lignum, Virginia’s 19th annual Mustock festival is a campout that features local area bands. Festivalgoers can expect good vibes and something for everyone.

On July 28-30, the town of Lingmerth will once again be host to the annual Mustock music festival. With roots that go back as far as 2000, Mustock takes place on the nine-acre property of Nappy Riddem vocalist Mustafa Akbar and his family. Always a lot of fun, the festival has come to be known as a family-friendly local event that caters to everyone without the high ticket prices and hassles of larely known and overcrowded weekend music festivals.Mustock Over the years, Mustock's ticket prices have not ballooned, perhaps due to the fact that the headlining band is Akbar's own band while others on the bill are friends and associates of his. The fact that Akbar owns the property also means that the festival is put on without renting space and allotted time, so attendees can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that the performers are in control of the show. Meanwhile, the larger festivals such as All Good and Bonnarroo, are lots of fun but can be very expensive while security, traffic, and long lines can also be a hassle.Mustock
Mustock is a festival that is more or less a hippie jam festival such as All Good or Wakarusa, but much cheaper and smaller while still providing the same type of friendly environment that exudes peace and positivity. It's just the music that is, perhaps, a little different. The bands in the lineup perform a variety of music types that include reggae, hip hop, dance, funk, and soul.  This year's headliner, Akbar's Nappy Riddem, is a six-piece local band that “intertwines reggae, resistance, love and “positivity” and whose lyrics touch upon themes of peace, war, and tolerance, as well as the love and positivity that is characteristic of reggae music. Nappy Riddem got its start when vocalist Akbar teamed up with Producer-DJ Rex Riddem in 2009. Since then, the duo has evolved into a six-piece band, releasing their first EP, “One World Sovereignity Album,” in 2010. Nappy Riddem has shared the stage with many acclaimed artists, including Femi Kuti, Trombone Shorty, Snoop Dog, See-I, Nitten Sawhney, Funkark, Soundgarden, Major Lazer, Breakestra, and The New Deal. Also in this year’s lineup are Empresarios, Diaspora Blac, Adwela & Uprising, Bredren Sound System, Ras Lidj & Deep Band, and others. [gallery ids="1938,1939,1940"] Festivalgoers can expect to see their share of dreadlocks, wide smiles, games, grilling, and more. However, it should be noted that the event is BYOB and that pets are not allowed. Mustock Three-day festivals generally charge $150-$300, but three-day passes to Mustock are only $50, and parking and camping are free. One-day passes are just $15 and include parking as well. Kids 16 and under can attend for free! For more info and tickets, click here, or visit their Facebook page.

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