On July 11, Comedy Works South Hosts "Hairy and Hilarious," Starring Bryan Kellen

The famous philosopher and father of American psychology William James once said, "We don't laugh because we're happy -- we're happy because we laugh." And researchers at UC Berkeley tell us that the "helper's high" or dopamine-mediated euphoria we get when we act charitably can be as beneficial as a smoker quitting. As published in Psychology Today, the study notes that people ages 55 and older who volunteer for two or more organizations have an astonishing 44 percent less chance of dying -- and that's accounting for other lifestyle factors such as exercise, gender, marital status, etc.! Other sources say that regular laughter and acts of charity can also help younger people feel less depressed and improve their mood and emotional well-being, and the Mayo Clinic writes that laugher can induce physiological/chemical changes in your body that relieve stress. I think that's something we all could use a little help with! That makes "Hairy and Hilarious" the perfect place to get a good dose of laughter and '"helper's high." [gallery ids="18370,18380,18371"] To help release all that dopamine, comedian Bryan Kellen, whose super-animated suspense-building style has earned him appearances on NBC's Last Comic Standing and the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, as well as named him one of the "top 100 comedians in the country" by the Entertainment Business Journal, will be administering your comedy. Meanwhile, 100 percent of ticket proceeds will be helping the Zoology Foundation fund the construction of fencing that meets USDA standards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYMo0T-n-vM The Zoology Foundation is an animal sanctuary located in Larkspur, Colorado. It not only saves animals from neglect, but also uses them to help educate youth in the science, behavior, and ethical treatment of animals. You can read more about the Zoology Foundation here.
"Hairy and Hilarious" takes place July 11 at Comedy Works South. Read more about it, or purchase tickets at a discount here!

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