The Zoology Foundation was established to improve the lives of animals through education - but they need some help.

Education, rescue, and support are the three main pillars of the Zoology Foundation. Nestled in Larkspur, Colorado, the animal rescue aims to improve the lives of animals through educational programming and rescue by teaching the connectedness between animals and humans.
We will better our lives and those of our children through enriching and respecting the lives of all animals, thus lessening the need to rescue." - Zoology Foundation
The Zoology Foundation hopes to teach people, especially children, not only the importance of compassion and the connectedness of humans and animals, but really shine a light on the individual animals living on the grounds by telling their stories of how they ended up in this sanctuary. Approximately 140 animals live (and visit, like wild Canadian geese) the 18-acre grounds. The Zoology Foundation has many habitats as well as pastures and pens to shelter the animals. Many of the animals live harmoniously on the grounds as well. Just to name a few there are, two red-necked wallabies, Trouble and Surprise, who live next to "Toogie" a 16-year-old tortoise who loves to dance. Trouble was rescued by animal control from a hoarding situation in Nevada.

There's Dr. Petey Hoo, a Eurasian eagle-owl who was found abandoned in a cage in a deserted barn. Chewie and Hans Solo are two five-year-old dromedary camels (meaning only one hump), one of which was orphaned and found on Craigslist. The Zoology Foundation wants to use multi-media programs geared toward schools to engage children to want to be advocates of animals, and to protect and respect their place in our world’s ecosystem. [gallery size="large" ids="15171,15172,15170" orderby="rand"] The Zoology Foundation stresses that it is not a Zoo, it is an animal sanctuary, which has formed a non-profit foundation that focuses on donations to fund educational programming and help animals and organizations when rescue is necessary. While you can't walk in and pay like a normal zoo the sanctuary will host group tours, field trips, and eventually, company and special events can be held at the sanctuary. Always with education on the individual animals and their stories. They have hit a bit of a hump on their way, though.      In order to start their programs for children's study in humane education, the USDA is requiring new fencing for their Dromedary Camels, Chewie and Hans Solo. As of mid May, The Zoology Foundation has passed their USDA inspection, but still needs help constructing their fence so the camels can move back to their beloved spot. The foundation wants to "laugh their way over this hurdle" with YOUR help! The Zoology Foundation will be hosting their Hairy & Hilarious comedy show on July 11. At Comedy Works South in Greenwood Village, check out headliner Bryan Kellen and donate to help build a fence for their camels! Tickets are $75 each and include one complimentary cocktail and a night full of laughs. Grab your tickets HERE.

If you want to take a step further with your help, you can Buy a Brick to commemorate your donation in a walk way leading up to the exotic animal enclosure. You or your company can also become a sponsor, ranging from "Camel Sponsor" "Wallaby Sponsor" or "Very Important Pig (VIP) Sponsor" forms to sign up for a sponsorship can be found HERE. Overall, the Zoology Foundation is a great opportunity for today's youngsters to learn about the importance of rescue and respect for the animals that live on this planet. Sharing the stories and journeys of each and every animal on the sanctuary will allow people to open their eyes at not only what is happening with these animals around the world, but what they can do about it, and how to change things as the future of this planet. Do your part and help this great foundation! Visit Their Website to learn a bit more, watch some cute animal videos, and learn more about what you can do to help them build that fence!

In the spirit of donating to help rescues, the Dumb Friends League raised over $950,000 during the Furry Scurry!