This weekend, Denver will again host the Underground Music Showcase. Featuring national and local bands like Silver and Smoke, this year will be bigger, indie-er, and (with the help of LivWell) herb-ier!

If you're an infamous transplant or have been living under a rock for the past 15 years, the UMS is a huge event in Denver that hosts local and now national artists across four days and nearly 20 stages. If you need more info, we conveniently already wrote an article about it. As an event sponsor, LivWell will be there to kick it up a notch with their sponsored band Silver and Smoke, along with a few crowd-pleasing giveaways.  
  First of all, the band: amongst almost 300 other artists and musicians performing at UMS, Silver and Smoke stands out with their "western rock" style. The band formed back in 2015, and since their genesis, they have been tireless in their efforts to be the next big thing out of Colorado. In just two years they have released two EPs, toured the West Coast, and have had features on several western radio stations. Silver and Smoke is made up of four guys with a wide range of influences that give them a unique sound that is worth catching at UMS. And very recently, they were offered a sponsorship by LivWell Enlightened Health. Silver and Smoke will perform at Gary Lee's on Sunday, July 30, at 4 p.m. Along with their backing of Sliver and Smoke, LivWell is hosting some amazing deals at their Broadway location less than a block away from the main UMS venue. If you're in need of a re-up, you have to stop by the LivWell booth at UMS to grab coupons for 4 for $20 pre-roll joints. Along with that, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday they will be giving away a glass piece, LivWell lighter, and and hemp wick! While you're at their booth simply make sure to ask about their giveaway and raffle. Jot down your information and toward the end of each day, they will announce the winner! silver and smoke The Underground Music Showcase is an amazing way to celebrate and support local bands and businesses. So, get out this weekend, listen to some amazing local music, take advantage of some deals from LivWell, and possibly win some awesome prizes! Sounds like an all-around win of a weekend to me!

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