Lights, camera, action!

Get ready to go back to the movies! Various movie theaters in Colorado have reopened their doors to the general public. Not sure about you all, but I've missed the smell of the freshly popped popcorn, the excitement felt in the auditorium as the opening credits roll, and so much more!

Many theaters will have safety procedures and regulations in place, so please check with each theater before your showing so you're aware of what's expected and what's not.

Movie Theaters Open in Colorado

  • Harkins
    • Harkins Arvada 18
    • Harkins Northfield 18
  • Regal Cinemas
    • Regal Canyon View
    • Regal Interquest & RPX
    • Regal SouthGleen
    • Regal UA Colorado Mills IMAX & RPX
    • Regal UA Meadows
    • Regal Cinebarre Boulder
    • Regal Continental & RPX
    • Regal River Point & RPX
    • Regal UA Colorado Center & IMAX
    • Regal UA Denver Pavilions 4DX & RPX
    • Regal Village At The Peaks & RPX

Have you been to the movies since theaters reopened? How was your experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.