Get caught up in the past and a wild story with "Anastasia!"

Now through November 25, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presents Anastasia -- the imaginative musical based on the legend of the young Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia. Are you ready to take the plunge and learn more about this Broadway musical?!

Courtesy of The Kennedy Center (Youtube)

If any of your history classes took an in-depth look at Europe, you may have heard of the tragedy that befell the Romanov family, the last Russian royal family. Anastasia was one of the Romanov family's children, and they became unpopular due to their association with a man named Grigori Rasputin (if you watched the Disney version, he is the man whose head sporadically popped off and creeped you out!). The family's relationship with this man eventually led to house arrest in one of their palaces during the Russian Revolution. However, one day, their house arrest abruptly ended when they were pulled out of bed one night and executed. 

But, over the years, random people popped up claiming to be Anastasia, offering different tales on how she survived the massacre of her family. And these rumors eventually sparked the legend that Anastasia could have potentially survived, which became the basis for the beloved Broadway musical.

You'll be amazed by Anastasia as you're transported back to the end of the Russian Empire in 1920s Paris.

We also promise that you'll be humming the songs for days after you finish watching the musical. Talk about an awesome way to have fun during the Thanksgiving season! This would be a great way to entertain out-of-town guests, too! Find out more here.

Have you seen Anastasia before? Are you seeing it while it's here? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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