With restrictions on other recreational activities, paddle-boarding offers a fun and relaxed experience despite the uncertainty and stress the pandemic may bring.

If you're looking to pick up a new skill while enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors, then paddle-boarding may be just for you! The recreational acitivty has recently seen an "explosion" in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, as many other activities have seen restrictions, according to reports.

"Explosion is a good word for it," Willi Taylor, owner of Altitude Paddleboards in Littleton, told The Know. “In March when everything started closing down, I was pretty worried. I had all my preseason orders in, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to sell anything. When we were able to open up, it’s just been gangbusters since. I can’t keep boards in stock, hardly it seems. I’ve been able to hire a bunch of people. It’s been great.”

Many paddle-boarders are saying that it allows for them to take in the warm weather while also maintaining proper social distancing.

"When you're out on the lake, it doesn’t feel like there's a virus, we're not in a pandemic, it's just a regular summer," said Alissa Kendall. "I'm also a hiker, and the summer is just so hot. This is a good alternative. I feel like I've been missing out all my life."

Rocky Mountain Paddleboard has everything one could possibly need to go out on the water, from equipment rentals to lessons and events. The company also has exclussive rights at various bodies of water throughout the state, including Bear Creek Lake Park, Boulder Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, and Union Reservoir. (Please note that Cherry Creek is closed due to blue-green algae blooms.)

Know of any other amazing places to go paddle-boarding in Colorado? Any tips for newbies? Comment below.