You've seen her on television and in the toy aisle. But now she's coming to Ocean City in Peppa Pig Live!

Anyone with a young child has heard of Peppa Pig -- the animated, sassy British pig that likes to go on adventures! Kids love her to pieces. And on Thursday, November 1, your kiddos can see her in Ocean City at Peppa Pig Live! in "Peppa Pig's Surprise!"

Courtesy of Peppa Pig Live US (Facebook)

WHEN: Thursday, November 1 at 6 p.m.
WHERE: 4001 Coastal Highway (Roland E. Powell Convention Center)
COST: $25-45
CONTACT: Click here.

Kids will be delighted by some of their favorite cartoon characters coming to life right before their eyes -- as life-size puppets that talk, walk, and sing. Everyone can watch as Peppa and George, her younger brother, try to figure out the surprise their parents have for them.

If this fun event sounds like it'll light up the faces of the kiddos in your life, we suggest you hurry and grab your tickets! After all, it could be something to look forward to after the hype of Halloween winds down.

Are you taking your kids to Peppa Pig Live!? Are your kids fans of Peppa Pig? Leave a comment below!

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