National Wildlife Day on September 4 celebrates everything amazing about our wildlife, our wildlife organizations, and all the conservation efforts for endangered species!

National Wildlife Day takes place on Wednesday, September 4. From bird watching to visiting your local zoo or aquarium, we've got your National Wildlife Day celebrations covered!

Check out these six ways you can celebrate National Wildlife Day! 

1. Visit a Local Park


Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Whether you are there to take a walk, run, jog, or bike ride, you'll be diving headfirst into the wildlife. There are plenty of birds, squirrels, and other animals to observe during your time there. There's nothing like feeling at one with nature in a local park.

2. Go Bird-Watching

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Birds are fascinating! Watch their habits; listen to their calls ... The problems of everyday life seem to melt away when you watch nature at work. And by using binoculars, you finally get to view that cardinal up close. 

3. Clean Up Your Local Beach or Park 

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This activity is a simple yet helpful double win! Why? Well, you're not only cleaning up the wildlife's home, but you're also helping the planet! Cleaning up your local park or beach is a fantastic way to keep your local wildlife healthy and thriving, plus, it's a great way to get involved in your community!

4. Visit Your Local Zoo or Aquarium

Norfolk Zoo and Virginia Aquarium

Courtesy of Caitlin Helveston

Since the day is set aside for animal conservation, visiting either a zoo or aquarium is the perfect activity! You're giving money to a local organization who is dedicated to keeping the wildlife safe. They bring in endangered or injured animals and help nurse them back to life. For instance, the Virginia Zoo bonded an abandoned cheetah cub with a new mom so that she could live out a happy and healthy life. 

5. Watch Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Courtesy of Animal Planet

This one is pretty obvious and explanatory. It's even better if you pick a channel that is showing a preservation effort for an endangered species!

6. Donate to or Volunteer at a Local Animal Organization

World Wildlife Fund

Courtesy of World Wildlife Fund

You can choose a local or national wildlife organization to donate to or volunteer at. For instance, the National Wildlife Federation is dedicated to educating the public about the environment and wildlife. They provide lesson plans, applications, books, movies, and more to help future environmental teachers educate future environmentalists, zoologists, scientists, and advocates. Any donation amount is helpful towards making a better future for our wildlife, even if it's just $10!

Which activity will you be liking participating in? Do you want to visit your local zoo or aquarium? Did you know about National Wildlife Day? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!