The upcoming DC Jazz festival showcases local DC area Jazz Artists, from the genre’s best new local artists to seasoned veterans of the DC scene.

DC’s deep jazz history and culture dates back to the days of legendary Jazz musician Duke Ellington, who was born in the city and helped Jazz and DC’s scene gain the attention of audiences across the nation. U Street at one time was a vibrant and bustling Jazz scene known famously as the “Black Broadway.” DC Jazz Festival celebrates the decade’s long Jazz culture and history that spawned from the days when Duke Ellington and the U Street scene emerged. The festival not only pays homage to DC Jazz music of the past, but it also celebrates the music of the present while providing exposure to the up and coming artists that promise to be the future of the genre. DC Jazz festival began in 2005 and has been providing the city with entertaining and enriching musical programs and performances that expose adults and students of all backgrounds to the one of the nation’s original art forms, Jazz. Each year festival organizers present a mix of emerging artists alongside the genre’s most acclaimed artists, and 2017 promises to continue the tradition of exposing DC’s countless talented local Jazz artists who have embraced the city’s rich Jazz history. Image result for dc jazz festival In addition to presenting veteran and newer artists, the festival also aims to spread jazz music to new audiences and listeners both young and old as well as children, parents, educators and students. Jazz enthusiasts and veteran fans are certain to be engrossed by the many star performances that take place throughout the entire run of the festival. But that is not all, as Jazz is a genre that cross pollinates and blends with other genres, festival goers can expect to hear Latin performers, soul singers, swing music and Blues at the 100 festival venues that host over 200 performances.
While there are a handful of Jazz festivals in the US, Canada and elsewhere, one aspect that makes the DC Jazz festival unique is the “Jazz in the Hoods” series. The series showcases performances from 20 DC neighborhoods in a diverse set of venues ranging from restaurants and hotels to art galleries. Most of the “Jazz in the Hood” shows are free so everyone can enjoy the dozens of performances of this series. Image result for dc jazz festival DC Jazzfest takes place over nine days at various city venues. This year the festival begins June 9 and concludes on June 18. While some events require festival goers to buy tickets, many of the events are free. To view the entire schedule and lineup, head over to, where you will find a complete list of performers, performances and hosting venues across town. While certain events such as the “Jazz ‘N Family Fun Days” and the three day long “DC Jazzfest at The Yards” on the second weekend of the festival are free, some of the free events require pre-registration beforehand. Ticket and registration info also can be found on the festival’s website.

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