Head down to 9th and G Streets on Wednesday night for the Stanley Cup banner ceremony, which will be televised on the big screen outside Capital One Arena.

Riding on the waves of last year’s exciting win, the Capitals will start it all over again this Wednesday, October 3. Bring your camera and jersey to sign as the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions "Rock the Red Carpet." The procession will begin on F Street downtown, between 6th and 7th, around 4 p.m., as the players, arriving by cars, are escorted down the red carpet by some lucky pre-selected fans. Players will greet their fans, sign autographs, and pose for pictures.

Then, at 7 p.m., just 30 minutes before the puck drops, the Capitals will raise the Stanley Cup banner to be permanently displayed inside Capital One Arena.

Even if you don’t have tickets for inside, the banner ceremony will be shown on the Jumbotron located above the McDonald’s on G Street, so fans can watch the entire ceremony, as well as the game. Can we say epic viewing party??

This will be pretty exciting for the fans and the Capitals. Since the Caps won on the road last year, they didn’t get a celebration on the ice with their fans, and now they have a chance to do that properly. Immediately following the ceremony, the season will officially open with the game against the Boston Bruins.

Though the Cup isn't riding on this game, it does kick off what promises to be an exciting season for the Capitals. With a new coach leading the charge, and most of their team returning, the Capitals have a good chance to do it all over again.

Whether you have tickets for the game or are watching outside, come early, and take Metro if you can. Many streets near the arena will be closed for the event, and parking with be nearly impossible.

For more information on the event, click here.

Are you planning on coming downtown for the pre-game festivities? Are you excited for a brand-new year with the Capitals? Share your comments below.

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