Do you want to have a glamorous night with good food, good music, and a masquerade?

I do like myself a fabulous masquerade party, and I’m sure you wouldn’t pass up a chance to check one out as well. This one is called the Venetian Ball, and it's going to take place at the Embassy of Italy. Any party that takes place at an embassy is guaranteed to be classy, right?

Here are all the details you want to know before you get all dressed up:

The Venetian Ball (just writing it makes me feel fancy) is going to be on Saturday, October 6, from 8:30 p.m. to midnight at the Embassy of Italy, which is located at 3000 Whitehaven Street NW, in Washington, D.C. 

As you walk into the Italian embassy, wearing your most stunning eveningwear, you’ll be immediately transported into elegant Italian culture. This is actually one of the biggest celebrations in Italy, so it’s really cool that the embassy has brought it to Washington, D.C. And, as a side note, while they say wearing a mask is optional, I’m going to go ahead and tell you that you need to wear a mask to make the most of this party! 

Venetian ball

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So, how much are tickets? Well, they’re not cheap, ranging from $94 to $124, depending on whether you choose general admission or VIP, but if you think about how much is included, it’s really not so bad! 

If you go the VIP route, the party will feature a three-course dinner, as well as access to the open bar and the all-inclusive dessert buffet that the general admission can partake of as well. As a VIP, you’ll also get a private champagne reception, so if you’re into those extras, it may be worth the ticket. 

What else will you do at the ball? You’ll see a ballroom demonstration, as well as learn how to dance yourself. There will be an opera demonstration, a masquerade contest, and music late into the evening. What more could you possibly need? 

Get more information and tickets to the Venetian Ball here

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