If you were thinking about adopting a pet, Saturday, August 18, is the perfect day -- during the Clear the Shelters event, happening all across the country!

On August 18, local news channel NBC 4 is partnering up with shelters in the area to bring you the national Clear the Shelters event, which will work to, well, literally clear the shelters

The event’s mission is to, of course, help animals find loving forever homes. It is also an opportunity to educate pet owners and those that want to be pet owners about how animal shelters work, what they do, and what they can offer you. If you can’t adopt a pet right now, you can donate to the pet adoption drive or volunteer at the event. Whichever way you can contribute, if you’re passionate about helping animals, this is a wonderful opportunity. 

Clear the Shelters is also important because it happens at a time when shelters tend to be overcrowded. This means that they struggle to accept more animals if the ones currently there don’t get adopted. By adopting a pet on Saturday, August 18, you can make sure that not only will the pet you choose have a loving home, but that other pets may be able to get rescued. 

If you’re unsure about adopting a pet from a shelter, shelter volunteers and employees will be present to answer all your questions, guide you through the process, and explain how wonderful it is to rescue an animal. And of course, you’ll get the opportunity to look around and find your new best furry friend. You’ll have the chance to take them outside, play with them, and make sure -- with the help of a professional -- that they'll fit perfectly into your lifestyle. 

To learn more about Clear the Shelters on August 18, visit the NBC 4 page here or the national website here.

Are you thinking about adopting a pet on August 18? Have a heartwarming story of how adopting a pet changed your life for the better? Share with us in the comments below!

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