I don't have to tell you that Ocean City is the perfect locale for a summer job. 

Have you seen how many attractions and eateries are packed onto Ocean City's narrow strip of the land? If you're looking for a vibrant, bustling, fun place to work this summer, then make plans now to attend the Ocean City Job Fair.

WHEN: Saturday, March 30 | 9 a.m.–1 p.m.
WHERE: Roland E. Powell Convention Center | 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD
COST: Free

The Ocean City Job Fair has been one of the seaside city's traditions for 34 years (so, I'm going to wager that it gets the job done pretty well!). Over 3,000 job seekers and employers gather in the convention center to find and offer both seasonal and year-round work in the Eastern Shore city. Employers from nearly any industry you can think of will be there -- hotels, restaurants, bars, amusement parks, banks, Boardwalk shops, marinas, water sports, and many more. 

And all you have to do is don your most professional threads, arrive on time, and bring your ID and resume, as well as a generic job application that can be found on the event website

If you've ever wanted to spend your summer in a beachside paradise, then what better opportunity is there than this? You only live once, right??

Are you planning to attend the Ocean City Job Fair this year? If you could make a wish, which job in Ocean City would you choose for yourself? Make sure to share this with article with all your friends and family who might be interested, or tag them in the comments!

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It's time for that controversial age-old question: Which is the better vacation spot -- Ocean City or Virginia Beach?

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