Upcoming festivals put bacon center-plate, and you can dig in starting in January.

Just when the world couldn't get more awesome, someone goes and blows the whole roof off our favorite breakfast meat. Making news recently is a Bacon Vending Machine, putting the tasty treat right at the fingertips of some very lucky people. I'm surprised someone didn't think of it sooner. 

Unfortunately, the Bacon Vending Machine project is only in Ohio, as a partnership with Ohio State University's meat science program, and is currently located in the university's animal science building for a limited time. For only $1, it won't break the piggy bank for purchasers to get a piece of ready-to-eat heaven in their hands.

Bacon vending machine by Ohio Hog Farmers

Courtesy of Ohio Hog Farmers (Facebook).

So when will Colorado bring the bacon to the vending-machine masses? Since the Ohio project was pretty much a one-off, it's not likely to go national any time soon. However, you can get your bacon on at these Colorado festivals coming in 2019! Some are already offering ticket pre-sales, so you can ensure you are the first in line to sample all the side meat you can handle! 

Denver's Bourbon and Bacon Fest 2019
January 26
Where: McNichols Civic Center Building
More Info and Tickets

While the Colorado Pork Producers Council isn't bringing us the bacon via vending machine, they are a co-sponsor of this decadent festival. According to the website, you can "Taste your way through a dizzying array of specialty bourbons and unique whiskeys from distilleries both large and artisanal, while you munch on a bevy of smoky, porky treats. The event will host samples from the area’s best restaurants. Imagine tasting sweet-savory bacon from local and regional producers paired with premium whiskeys ... in a lively and intimate setting." And, the tickets are on sale now! 

Denver Bacon and Beer Classic 2019
When: May 11
Where: Broncos Stadium at Mile High
More Info and Tickets

What could be more awesome than a craft brew fest? Add a side of bacon! Local chefs will treat you to 30-plus bacon-inspired dishes, and regional breweries will have 100-plus craft beers on hand. And if you are serious about the strips, you can enter the Hormel Bacon Eating Contest. There are several ticket tiers available, and you can get pre-sale tickets now!

Keystone Bacon and Bourbon Festival 2019
When: June 22-23
Where: River Run Village, Keystone Resort
More Info

Those who love a good slab have helped this fest make it into its ninth year! Offering all things pork and several adult beverages, this is the place to be. Sip a bacon Bloody Mary while you listen to the smooth sounds of local musicians, as well! Tickets aren't available yet, but check back to get yours!

"Whether you’re a bacon enthusiast or the loved one of a bacon connoisseur, this event is for you. With thousands of pounds of bacon and bacon-inspired cuisine at your fingertips, you won’t want to miss this weekend-long celebration of bacon," the fest says. 

Breckenridge Hogfest 2019
August 23-29
Where: Main Street Station & The Village at Breckenridge
More Info and Tickets

This festival pretty has everything you need in life: pork samples, premium whiskeys, single malt scotches, barrel-aged spirits, live music, and mixology, all below Peak Nine. "Bacon is the most loved food in the universe and the route to all things swine and divine.  Add in the quintessential American liquor, bourbon; mind blown," says the festival website. Tickets are on sale now for the variety of events at the fest. 

Are there other bacon-themed events happening in your neighborhood? Share them with us in the comments below.

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