Summer is the time for vacations, an opportunity to head to the beach or a new exotic destination. 

But it also means time at the airport and on planes. It can often mean crowds, and cramped spaces, and general hurriedness and discomfort. It doesn’t have to, though. Here are three hacks to utilize when you travel this summer that will keep you on time, less stressed, and feeling good. 

Wear comfortable, easy clothes.

This is not the time to sport that fancy lace-up sandal. Pack that for the actual vacation. There is nothing more frustrating than having to take off and put back on a complicated shoe in a crowded security line, or watch other people do it. Avoid the hassle and go with a slip-on, slide, or flip-flop. 

And the rest of your outfit should feel easy too. You don’t want to worry about a silk dress wrinkling or your mini skirt riding up while you’re at the airport or on the plane. Just avoid the drama (even if just inside your head). Opt for a loose maxi or t-shirt dress, or wear a pair of jean shorts and tank top. Again, save your show stopper pieces for when you get off the plane. Oh, and remember, masks are still in effect until September 13, per TSA.

You don’t have to compromise style for comfort with your airport style. You just have to make it easy for yourself. Add a few layered necklaces or a funky earring if you feel too plain. 

Have all your documents ready to go.

This may (and should be) an obvious one, but yet there are always those people at the airport holding up security because they’re digging into their giant bag trying to find their passport. Don’t let that person be you. Make sure your boarding pass and your I.D. are ready to go in your hands before you enter the line. 

And plan out how you’re going to take out your laptop and toiletry bag, too. If everything can be taken out in a logical order, and then quickly put back into its rightful place, you’ll save tons of time and anxiety at security. If you get through the line faster, you can sit and have your coffee, snack, magazine, or whatever it is that makes you happy, faster. 

Know how you fly.

No one really likes to just sit on an airplane staring into space. But that can happen to you if you thought you were going to do some serious work, but then realized you couldn’t concentrate, but didn’t bring anything else to do instead. 

Learn what makes you happiest in flight. If you prefer to read, pack a book or two and skip the bulky laptop. As much as you may try, you can’t trick yourself into working. If you know you don’t want to talk to people next to you, and you would much rather listen to music, make sure you have the headphones out and ready to go as soon as you get into your seat. 

Also, have an idea as to when you fly best. If you sleep like a baby on planes, that red-eye may be the right choice for you. If you can’t find a comfortable position to save your life, maybe a morning flight is better. Presuming the flight prices are comparable, don’t try to save a few bucks for three hours of total discomfort.

What are your best travel hacks? Share with us in the comments below!