Virtual vacation, anyone?

At a time when international travel simply isn't possible, YouTube is a treasure trove of globe-trotting ideas. Here are some of the best travel vlogger channels out there.

Kara and Nate

This dynamic young married couple went on an epic journey to visit 100 countries over the course of four years. Now that they're back in the U.S., they've started a van life journey to explore more of their own country.



Marko and Alex take you all over the world through their amazing videos. You'll feel like you're really with them as they explore dozens of countries and provide you with valuable travel tips.


Mark Wiens

It's all about the food with this globe-trotting YouTuber. He lives in Thailand with his wife and son, but travels the globe to bring you some of the best street food videos around. If you like spicy stuff, you'll love watching Mark try each country's traditional dishes, even the super-hot ones.


Brooke Saward

This Tasmanian vlogger has been traveling the world for years and has even written a book full of travel ideas for women who are exploring solo. 


Hannah Lee Duggan

Hannah is currently living the bohemian van life, exploring in her restored tiny home on wheels. You'll love her projects—like the wilderness camping episode.

Until we can get back out there on our international vacations, these video getaways should tide you over.

Do you have a favorite travel channel? Let us know in the comments!