Sometimes a great photograph is all you need.

Sometimes a great photograph is all you need to transport yourself, mentally or emotionally, to a different space. It's for this reason that I'd like to share with you eight absolutely stunning images that capture Colorado's humbling beauty, in hopes that it might add a little calm to your day. For the record, all of these images are available to you on Shotzr -- a company we mentioned a while back as one of Denver's hottest startups. 

Photos by Angie Payne:

Just look at that reflection!

Closeup of a stump. 

Classic Colorado shot! Nice! 

State flower power! 

Like glass!

Photo by Sophie Riesel:

Love the golden hour!

Photo by Jesse Meador:

Never ceases to amaze.

Photo by Chris Romero:

What are your thoughts? Are you a photographer and want to be published? Send us your photos! 

Featured image by Shotzr photographer Jarrod Rigby.