For a limited time, Amtrak is offering "buy one, get one free" if you book by September 30!

Are you going stir-crazy staying at home? Well, now is the perfect chance to book a getaway for you and a companion for the price of one ticket! If you book by September 30 for select dates through December 12 on Acela and Northeast Regional trains, you will be eligible for the buy one, get one free special. (The only stipulation is no travel allowed on Fridays and Sundays.)

To ensure the safety of the passengers, Amtrak has taken several precautions to remain in line with CDC guidelines. The train will undergo enhanced cleaning procedures as well as a fresh-air exchange occurring every 4 to 5 minutes. Bookings are limited so that only the person sitting next to you will be a part of your booking party. 

Example Fares To/From City:

  • New York—Washington, D.C. (Acela: $129 / Northeast Regional: $69)
  • Boston—New York (Acela: $99/ Northeast Regional: $69)
  • Philadelphia—New York (Acela: $99/ Northeast Regional: $56)
  • Washington, D.C.—Philadelphia (Acela: $99/ Northeast Regional: $56)
  • Baltimore—New York (Acela: $129/ Northeast Regional: $69)
  • Boston—Washington, D.C. (Acela: $129/ Northeast Regional: $104)
  • Richmond—Washington, D,C. (Northeast Regional: $30)
  • Norfolk—Washington, D.C. (Northeast Regional: $50)
  • Richmond—New York (Northeast Regional: $84)
  • Norfolk—New York (Northeast Regional: $86)

For the latest Amtrak deals, be sure to check out the Amtrak's Deals page. Which city will you visit for your next fall adventure? Let us know in the comments below!