The Cohabit Pod Hotel offers a luxury stay in a private pod and communal amenities.

The Cohabit Pod Hotel is a new concept here in Colorado, and the first of its kind in the entire country, offering guests luxury private bedrooms and shared bathrooms at $100 per night. The Burton family of Avon, Colorado, is putting the finishing touches on the hotel, which is set to open very soon.

The idea came about as owners Bret and Carryn Burton, who are avid travelers, explored different lodging options around the world. Modeled after a hostel, with an upscale twist, the new “Pod” hotel is intended to give skiers and mountain visitors an affordable, yet luxurious resort-like stay.

reclaimed wood desk

Lobby desk, Courtesy of the Cohabit Pod Hotel (Facebook)

The Cohabit Pod Hotel offers “the relaxed, social feel of a hostel with the privacy of a boutique hotel.” Their motto is “Only pay for what you need!”, and as their webpage states, they value experiences and connections over pricey amenities.

The hotel holds 28 pods total that sleep two people each, all equipped with smart locks for 24-hour access from a mobile device. Construction is almost done, and the owners are looking forward to having guests try out the pods.

lounge cohabit pod hotel

The lounge area, Courtesy of the Cohabit Pod Hotel (Facebook)

Reservations are currently being taken. You can call (248)-797-4290 for more information.

The pod hotel is located at 240 Chapel Place in Avon.

We think this sounds like an interesting way to spend a night on the slopes and enjoy the amazing views, and we expect there will be quite a few people vying to give it a try once the hotel opens. What do you think about this communal pod hotel? Give us the scoop in the comments.