Are you planning your next summer road trip? Find a US road trip that’s just right for you on this list!

Route 66

[gallery size="large" ids="4199,4197,4198,4200"] Everyone knows where you get your kicks! This stellar road trip spans 2,000 miles between Chicago and the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California. It’ll take you past some of the most classic roadside scenes in the country - we’re talking neon signs, rusty old truck stops, and outposts selling kitschy souvenirs. Make a quick detour to Farmington, New Mexico and check out the Four Corners Monument, check out the Will Rogers Museum in Oklahoma, or hike up to Amboy Crater in Needles, California. There’s so much to see on this trip, so take your time and enjoy the quintessential US road trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway

[gallery size="large" ids="4202,4204,4205,4203"] This US road trip stretches for 469 miles along the Southern Appalachian Mountains. It serves as a connection between Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park and North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and it’s got something for the nature lover in everyone.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

[gallery size="large" ids="4211,4208,4209,4210"] Don’t worry, this US road trip won’t take you anywhere near as long as the two years it took Lewis and Clark. This epic 3,700-mile-long trail is a wonderful historic experience, taking you by scenic views, historic sites, hiking trails, and so much more. End your trip with a hike on Tillamook Head in Oregon, the farthest point Lewis and Clark reached.

Pacific Coast Highway

[gallery size="large" ids="4213,4214,4216,4217"] The best portion of the PCH has to be the stretch linking Monterey to Hearst Castle. This gorgeous winding 100-mile stretch will take you through some gorgeous beach towns and over some gorgeous cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean.

Great River Road

[gallery size="large" ids="4228,4229,4230,4231"] Follow the great Mississippi River from one end to the other. The road was intended to show off the ten states that border the river, and it does an incredible job of it. If you assume that the Midwest is only flat prairie, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as you travel through upland meadows, thick forests, limestone cliffs, and dozens of wildlife refuges. Savor the small towns major roads have forgotten, and see a side of America that time has forgotten.

National Park Road Trip

[gallery size="large" ids="4218,4219,4220,4221"] This US road trip is no small undertaking. It hits every national park in the continental US, covers 14,498 miles, and would take around 2 months to complete. If you’re looking for the most beautiful nature in the US, then this is the road trip for you. You can click HERE to see the interactive map and start your trip today!

The Ultimate American Road Trip

[gallery size="large" ids="4223,4224,4225,4226"] If you’ve ever had the dream of visiting every state in the country, then this is the road trip for you. Randy Olson has formulated the perfect road trip to hit every state in the contiguous US. It only stops at national landmarks of some sort, can be taken by car, and never leaves the US. To read more about Olson’s process, click HERE. Check out the map HERE and see where in your state you can jump on the path!

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