Denver has big traffic changes for Lincoln and Broadway, two major arteries into and out of downtown's southern flank.

Denver plans to test an expansion of the city's dedicated bus-only lanes on South Broadway and Lincoln Street starting this summer. These big traffic changes are sure to help the flow of traffic in these vital areas. The city will expand the current time frames of the bus-only lanes from morning and afternoon rush hours to 24/7 dedicated bus lanes, according to city public works officials. At a transportation forum earlier this year, city officials described marking off the dedicated bus lanes with flashing lights overhead and red paint on the road to signal that vehicles should stay out of the lane. The dedicated bus lane tests will run on Lincoln and Broadway south of Denver's downtown area. Tests will start as early as summer '17 and will go on for about a year. On Lincoln Street, the one-way northbound street used heavily in the morning commute, the dedicate bus lane will extend from East 5th Avenue to Colfax. On Broadway, the one-way southbound street that carries commuters through afternoon rush hour, the dedicated bus lane will extend from Colfax to East Exposition Avenue, just before I-25. City officials say that the expansion of the timing for the dedicated bus lanes is due to "feedback received during the Broadway/Lincoln Corridor Study." Officials also say they're working with the Regional Transportation District on implementing service changes, increasing the efficiency of bus services offered in those areas.
Officials say they're also moving forward with plans to design new bikeway and transit elements from West Virginia Avenue to Cherry Creek, as well as making pedestrian safety improvements. According to their announcement, the bikeway design efforts should begin in September of 2017 and continue into 2018.

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