The phrase "Bōsōzoku" roughly translates to "violent speed tribes." True to the structured culture of Japan, even these underground groups often embrace hierarchal leadership. Gangs of Bōsōzoku riders are known for driving about in loud, noisy columns with the tribe's "leader" leading the group from the front. 

Most of the groups pride themselves on being intentionally disruptive and annoying. They will often drive recklessly, make excessive noise in otherwise quiet suburban streets, and loiter on corners to shout crude phrases at pedestrians. Although few of them are violent, the sheer nuisance they raise in a culture as orderly as Japan's is often enough to draw police attention.

One of the most notable things about Bōsōzoku groups is the average age. While bikers in American (and other parts of the world) are typically older, it's estimated that most Bōsōzoku riders are between the ages of 18-20. 

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