The People's Car for the win!

When Ferdinand Porsche penned the VW Beetle, he did it with one thing in mind: give the people an affordable, efficient, reliable, and good-looking car that they can use every day. It's a philosophy that took the Wolfsburg-based automaker to become one of the biggest players in the industry, and we're happy to report that the philosophy lives on by introducing the winner of's Best of 2018: the VW Atlas.
Right away you'll notice that this isn't VW's interpretation of what Americans should buy, but more so what Americans actually want -- tons and tons of space! And the Atlas has acres. It's truly a three-row SUV, meaning it can comfortably wrap seven adults in its unmistakably German interior. Furthermore, the Atlas drives, rides, and handles like its much more expensive counterpart. By no means is it a sports car, but we'll still call it "an Audi in casual clothes," and I think that's preferred when you're shopping this segment. After all, people movers are for moving people, and people are vile, coffee-spilling, cheerio-crushing, car-cluttering, muddy-shoed beings. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="31741,31744,31742,31743,31747"] That's also why a 235-hp turbo four or the 276-hp V6 is plenty of grunt. You can take the money you save on fuel and spend it on lift tickets, piano lessons, or taking the whole family out to Dino's on west Colfax. This is, after all, a sensible vehicle for smart, sensible people. And speaking of "smart," the Atlas can be optioned up with adaptive cruise control, a 360-degree camera, remote start, three-row climate control, a Fender -- yes, like the guitars -- branded stereo system, and an interactive 8.0-inch infotainment center with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, to name a few. VW It appears Volkswagen has finally hit its mark when it comes to selling Americans. To seal the deal, the rig is going to be made alongside the Passat and Jetta in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What are your thoughts, people? Have you driven an Atlas? If so did you like it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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