Home Is Wherever You Put Your RV Into Park.

It seems straightforward. One look to the west and you can see why Colorado's breathtaking majesty might inspire you to hit the road, and yes it is that easy. That's because Colorado has 11 national forests, two national grasslands, 100 miles of fishable streams, 160 miles of trails, and approximately 14.5 million acres of land for the use and enjoyment of every American – including those with RVs.

Okay, maybe we got a little carried away there. We know that a small fraction of that 14.5 million is actually accessible to the public and that an even lesser percentage is RV accessible, but you get the point. If you live in the state that inspired "America the Beautiful" and public land is abundant, you better believe it's a damn good place to own an RV.

Not to mention, it's home to some of the quirkiest and most scenic private campgrounds in the county.

And all this is great for people like me because I can't afford a vacation home in the mountains. Even if I could, I don't even know where I would go because it's all so good. So I'd end up in an RV anyway – just a really nice one like the Emerald Prevost.

That leaves one question, where should you go to get away?

Well, if you're a motorsports junkie pack up the trail bikes and head to Rampart Range. Located just 43.6 miles south (& slightly west) of Denver, Rampart Range is a dirt biker's paradise. It also happens to have a lot RV friendly campsites, making it a great place to have a weekend away. Don't expect it to be quiet, but who says the grumble of a big bore 4-stroke isn't relaxing?

Rocky Mountain National Park is always a great choice. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, and yet it's only 69.1 miles away from Denver. Expect lots of traffic, but with some smart planning, it can be a fantastic place to bring the rig. Be sure to check out their website for RV size restrictions

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests are a two-hour drive from Denver and offer some spectacular views. Now, RV space is more often than not limited, but that doesn't mean you couldn't boondock it for a day or two. Use general common sense and try to use a campsite over a parking lot if you can. 

On longer trips, don't hesitate to head to the four corners or other places in southern Colorado! What are your thoughts, people? Do you have any places you like to RV? Let us know in the comments below!

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