Take a travel break with some virtual tours of our great state. 

Times are strange, and confusing, and to be honest, a little scary. I get it, as I'm right there with you during life in coronavirus isolation. As we've read over and over, we are in a new normal, but we get to define what that normal is for us, and for me, I always love a good getaway, even if it's just by my computer. Luckily, there are several virtual visits we can make around the state right from the comfort of our couch.

The Great Outdoors

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has a ton of great videos to watch across its social media channels, including its recent 360-degree tour of Ridgway Reservoir. Join a kayaker and take a paddle while enjoying some beautiful scenery. You can find a ton more 360 videos of our state parks on the CPW YouTube page

There is also beautiful drone footage of our state that are very much worth checking out. Check out the below video, by YouTuber The World Travel Guy. It's a wonderful view of our state from above (and he's got some beautiful drone footage from all around the world, as well). 

National Parks

Google Earth is offering a virtual tour of several of our National Parks, and Mesa Verde is among them! You can see Mesa Verde's tour here, and you can access all 31 possible tours on the Google Earth site

A Whole New World

While we generally focus on Colorado-only places to visit in this column, now is the perfect time to virtually visit some of the nation's and world's coolest museums, sites, and more. 

There are several zoos and aquariums out there that are streaming their animals online almost every day. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Denver Zoo right here in Colorado are offering several fun activities that you can tune into. Or, check out these seven other zoos and aquariums that are providing free live streams

Or possibly, you'd like a night at the museum? There are tons of museums offering virtual tours, from the Smithsonian to The Louvre and the Guggenheim to the Uffizzi

Have you found a virtual tour of our state or world that you'd recommend? Please share it with us in the comments below.