Drive with care, Colorado!

Driving in the mountains can be very rewarding. The views are breathtaking, the towns are charming, and the curves are sharp – which, in the right vehicle, translates to a lot of fun. However, it's not without its risks. Anyone who has taken Highway 285 a couple hours west of Denver knows that when the blacktop goes down to two lanes, you have to be extra vigilant. That's because you might have a local in a pickup truck hauling something to town and someone from Denver who's used to a little faster pace of life using the oncoming lane to pass. Regardless of the situation, driving in the mountains can be dangerous, and if you're traveling down any of these routes, we recommend using extreme caution.

Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass is known for two reasons. One, the song by W.C. McCall. Two, because it features 6.8 percent grades, sharp turns, and triple the average snowpack of Colorado. Whether you're hauling a bunch of chickens in an 18-wheeler, or you're just headed to the ski area exercise extreme caution. 

Rabbit Ears Pass

This stretch of U.S. Highway 40 tends to see heavy snow, avalanches, ice, and since it connects Kremmling to Steamboat, its fair share of inexperienced mountain drivers, traffic from Denver, and trucks. 

Loveland Pass

U.S. Highway 6, or Loveland Pass, is typically referred to as the 'back way' to get to Keystone or A-Basin. It's also one of the highest mountain roads in the world. The route features grades as steep as 6.7 percent, hairpin turns, and is often times closed due to weather. Be wary of altitude sickness on this route. 

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway

Ah, the highest paved road in America --14,264 feet to be exact. The Mt. Evans Scenic Byway is heavily trafficked by tourists, features sharp turns, extremely steep drop-offs that don't have guardrails, and gusty winds. The road is only open for part of the year. 

As always, we recommend driving sober, well-rested, and with limited distractions. And if your adventures happen to take you on these routes, please drive with care!

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